Aqua Globalis

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Water themed month in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church, Berlin

Sven Hoffmann / Aqua Globalis -Collecting Liquid Memories

1/10 - 27/10/2019            Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church, Chapel                Breitscheidplatz                10789 Berlin

The installation "Collecting Liquid Memories"

Water. Clear. Cool. Bright. Moving. This is how the artist Sven Hoffmann saw it and captured it in the photo. At the Dead Sea, between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian West Bank. Water has taken his fancy. Hoffmann has been travelling around the world for decades, photographing the wet element in all its beauty. Always different. Always new. "Aqua Gobalis". Water worldwide. But where this photograph was taken, there will soon be no more water. Year after year the water level of the Dead Sea sinks by one meter. Through the abstraction of drinking water and irrigation of agricultural land, the inflow of water through the Jordan River fell to a quarter in a century. Even more dramatic is the situation of the Aral Sea in Asia and, as a result of global warming, of Lake Chad in Africa.

What is Aqua Globalis?

Aqua Globalis sees itself as a global art project with the vision of placing water and clean water at the centre of perception in order to draw attention to the element. It was founded in the early 90s by the internationally renowned artist and photographer Sven Hoffmann.

11/10 - 20/10/2019            Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church                  Breitscheidplatz                      10789 Berlin

Water Memorial "Sparkling Church" 

In cooperation with the Festival of Lights, the old tower of the Memorial Church will be transformed into a sparkling water memorial by Berlin artist Sven Hoffmann and his international water art project Aqua Globalis under the title "Sparkling Church". The art projection is made possible by the Rotary Club Berlin Memorial Church.