Herman de Vries (1931), argumentstellen, 2003.


Artist’s book with 44 reproductions after drawings from 1968 and 1 quotation by Ludwig Wittgenstein, 48 pages, paperback, light brown cardboard cover. 29,7 x 21 cm, 1250 copies. Very good condition.

Provenance: Private collection Southern Germany, acquired from the artist.


Signed on the inside back cover.

Catalogue raisonné: herman de vries. les livres et les publications. catalogue raisonné, 2005, Nr. 96.

Condition: The back cover minimally darkend in parts, otherwise very good condition.

The quotation on page 47 from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus reads “2.0131 the spatial object must lie in infinite space. (a point in space is an argument in place.)” (in German and French). On pages 3 to 46 1 dot is printed at random. This publication is based on the drawing sequence “v68-110 argumentstellen” from 1968.
Published by Frac Bretagne, Châteaugiron and Éditions incertain sens, Rennes, 2003.


Herman de Vries was born in Alkmaar in 1931, the Netherlands. After training at the Reichsgartenbauschule in Hoorn, he first worked as a landscape gardener before beginning to work as an artist in 1953. His early works – white pictures, collages and objects – are related to the artist groups NUL and ZERO. In 1962 de Vries began to develop the method of “random-objectivation”, with which he investigates reality in his works. In the the 1970s, de Vries increasingly turned to nature, working, for example, with natural materials such as pressed plants or soil. In 1997 he created a so-called sanctuarium for the SkulpturProjekte Münster, a piece of nature protected from human access. Since 1970, Herman de Vries lives in Eschenau in Lower Franconia since 1970.

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